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Governing Board Goals

Humboldt Unified School District
Governing Board Goals
Board Goal #1 To Raise the Level of Student Achievement
Board Goal #2 To Focus on Planning for Future Student Needs
Board Goal #3 To Increase Parental and Community Engagement
Board Goal #4 To Attract and Retain Highly Effective Employees


Shared Purpose
To educate our students - 
with rigor, dedication, depth, and the application of innovative technology.
To involve our students - 
along with their parents and community, in a cooperative vision of education as a key to responsible and productive citizenship.
To prepare our students - 
to meet the events of their lives with knowledge, insight, and perseverance.
To inspire our students - 
to believe that, with hard work, they can achieve great things in whatever career they choose, and thus help to make a better world.