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ADE Statutory Handbook of Parental Rights

Members of the Humboldt Unified School District governing board often attend events at district schools and at other places in support of the district. These events are not meetings covered under Arizona's Open Meeting Law since that law requires both a majority of board members in attendance and discussion/deliberation among that majority of governing board  members about matters that could come before the board. 
No board business discussed/deliberated at these events. 
Parents and Guardians may access the Arizona Department of Education (DOE) Statutory Handbook of Parental Rights using the following links: 
I. Title I, Chapter 6
II. Title 15 - Education
1. Section 15-102 Parent Involvement in the School
2. Section 15-110 Rights of Students
3. Section 15-113 Rights of Parents
4. Section 15-117 Surveys
5. Section 15-351 School Councils
6. Section 15-721 Common School
7. Section 15-722 High Schools
8. Section 15-730 Access to instructional material by parents and guardians