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Successful Online School Families...
  • get involved in the student’s education in the role of Learning Coach.
  • dedicate time to keeping the student motivated throughout the day.
  • provide ongoing guidance and encouragement.
  • help monitor student comprehension and progress.
  • organize and structure the learning day.
  • maintain regular contact with their child’s teachers.
  • Parent/Guardian/Caregiver role as a Learning Coach

What exactly is a learning coach? A learning coach is a parent, family member, or another adult that is at home with the student while the student is going through their courses.


The role of the Learning Coach is to:
  • Guide the student through the lessons as needed.
  • Discuss the concepts being taught.
  • Assist with interactive tools and games.
  • Oversee assignments.
  • Help facilitate hands-on learning that may be in the course.
  • Check for understanding of assignments.
  • Keep the student on schedule and pace.
  • Ensure all course components are being done with fidelity (independent reading, novel studies, practice activities, etc.).
  • Communicate with the teacher as needed.

Understanding the importance of your role as a learning coach is key to the success of your student. As a learning coach, you are committed to helping your student go beyond what is online and bringing those concepts to life.

Providing time in the day to talk about what a student is learning will reinforce learned concepts, providing him or her with a better chance of success towards mastery. 


Five tips for online students.