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Procedure for filling out registration packet

****If you are not comfortable with computers follow procedure D****

Keep in mind, that you can always make an appointment with Ms. Bennett to get help.

(928) 759-4277,

A.      Procedure for filling out the registration packet as a NEW student

              1.    Go to “”, click on “schools”, select “BMOA Online School”

              2.    Click on the "Registration" link on the left menu, go to the bottom of the page and again click on "registration."

"                   Click on "CLICK HERE" read info., scroll down, click on "registration" again.

              3.    This will open a PDF, you MUST save the pdf to your desktop and work from it and save again; otherwise, you will be submitting a blank doc.

              4.    Open the pdf with adobe and read the information.

              5.    Click “Fill & Sign”

              6.   Then scroll down to fill out or type the information requested.

              7.    Do a “save as” and name your new pdf with your last name, first name     

                      You can either digitally sign or physically sign it and rescan the doc. to submit.


B.      Procedure for submitting important documents:

    2 ways

1.     Scan your documents and put them in a folder, including the registration packet, zip the folder, and upload it as instructed below.

2.     Bring your important documents for the Counseling Department


C.      Procedure for submitting the registration packet (The registration packet must be completed prior to uploading)

              1.  If you have scanned your important documents, put those files with the registration packet and zip or compress them to make one file. This usually can be done by right-clicking and select zip or compress   

              2.  Go to “” a click on “Schools” a click “BMOA Online School”

              2.    Click on “Registration” and scroll down and click on “Registration” again

              3.    Type your name: Last name, First name

              4.    Click on “Choose File” button, navigate to where you saved your pdf, double-click and submit

              5.   Contact Mindy Clifford at (928) 759-4100 and ask if she has received your papers

              6.   Make an appointment to see a BMHS counselor

D. What to do if you are not familiar with a computer

*** keep in mind if you have zero computer ability, no problem.. just skip to calling Ms. Clifford - # 4

              1.    Go to “” then click on “schools”, select “BMOA Online School” --> Registration --> Registration

              2.    Click on "CLICK HERE" 

              3.    This will open a PDF that you can print and fill out

              4.      Call Ms. Clifford at (928) 759-4100 and ask if she has received your papers and make an appointment with a counselor.

              5.     Bring the filled-out forms and your important documents to the counseling office at Bradshaw Mountain High school and make an appointment to see your counselor.