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Bradshaw Mountain Online Academy


BMOA school was created to help serve non-traditional students with their educational needs who are either not able to attend regular school, choose not to be a part of a brick and mortar high school, want to catch up by working really hard, or want to finish high school early. As part of the nationally recognized school district, BMOA is accredited by AdvancED and offers a variety of courses for students to select. Coursework is provided to you with the Edgenuity curriculum.

“Edgenuity’s award-winning courses combine rigorous content with direct-instruction videos from an expert, on-screen teachers, multimedia, and interactive learning tools and resources to engage and motivate students. With a range of core curriculum, advanced placement, electives, Career and Technical Education (CTE), dual credit, and credit recovery courses based on the rigor and high expectations of the state standards.” 

BMOA is focused on providing a wide range of educational services including students who might have special needs to advanced students. Unlike other online schools, BMOA offers access to the large on-campus library, a variety of co-curricular classes such as band, drama, art, etc… alongside a student’s online curriculum. Edgenuity offers tutoring in several different ways - either meeting with your teacher or using the "Student Support" option.  There is also a seamless transfer between BMHS and BMOA. (students may transfer with counselor permission. Switching back and forth will not be allowed and switching to the regular campus happens at the beginning of the semester so the student does not lose out on credits. 

A Counselor will assist students in constructing an individual plan which could include blending both a co-curricular (Art, Band, Drama, etc... ) class on campus with their online studies. 

Online classes are open-entry, meaning a student may begin at any time during the school year and complete a course within a 3 week period. Credits are then recorded on official transcripts by our registrar.  

A viable email and phone number for both student and guardian are required, as online teachers maintain contact with students and guardians through emails and live sessions. It is essential for you and your guardian to check email daily.

Students will be given 1 class every three weeks and expected to work 25-30 hours a week. Within the three-week time period, the student may choose to work more hours and finish sooner and could potentially finish high school ahead of time. Another option might be to take college classes in addition to their high school curriculum.  

Participation in online classes has allowed many seniors to become graduates.

BMOA is now open to all students.

Please call Ms. Bennett at 928-759-4277 to find out more and call 759-4124 to get your name on the waiting list.