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Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Dedicated Volunteers

Volunteer assistance in schools enriches educational programs, enhances supervision of students, contributes to school safety, and strengthens the District's relationships with the community.  When you share your time and talents with our students and staff, you become an important part of our great team here at The Humboldt Schools!


Below is a list of our regular volunteer opportunities:

  • Go on field trips with children
  • Read stories to children
  • Help in the computer lab
  • Assist teachers with classroom responsibilities
  • Assist in the library 
  • Operate listening center equipment  

  • Work with children in special interest areas (music, drama, art, sports, special interest clubs, etc.)
  • Help prepare and present materials in different content and elective areas
  • Assist with school special events
  • Assist with PTO activities and functions
  • Tutor students - especially in math and reading
  • Mentor students
  • Assist in the school office or district office with clerical jobs 
  • Help sort and organize clothing in the Family Resource Center 
  • Share technology skills
  • Share travel experiences
  • Give a lecture on your career or area of expertise
  • Assist in the Food and Nutrition area
  • Assist with parent involvement and parent activities
  • Serve on focus or advisory committees
  • Make phone calls
  • Be a school bus monitor

We have so many volunteer opportunities available to you, and your experience and skills are needed and welcomed. For information or suggestions regarding additional areas where volunteer services might be needed, please contact the specific school's administration or the District Volunteer Coordinator at 928-759-4000.

To complete the Volunteer Application, click on the bullet item

"Online Volunteer Application" at the left of this page. 

Fingerprinting is conducted free of charge on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM or by appointment, through the district office located at 6411 N Robert Rd., Prescott Valley.

Please feel free to contact your school or the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.