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Snow Day Guidance

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Depending on weather conditions or other emergency situations, a decision must be made regarding school closure or delay. The Humboldt Schools will decide on one of the following plans:

Plan 1: Close school for the day

  • Students and District employees will stay home and not attend school.
  • Extra-Curricular activities for the District will be determined later in the day, in accordance with weather conditions.

Plan 2: Declare a 2-hour shortened day special schedule

  • Bright Futures Preschool AM class will be canceled with the PM class on a regular schedule.
  • All schedules will begin two (2) hours later.
  • All before school programs will be canceled.
  • No breakfast will be served.
  • Regular classes will begin two (2) hours later than usual.
  • Buses will arrive at the bus stops two (2) hours later than usual.
  • Dismissal of school in the afternoon will be at the regular time.

NOTE: The District will notify all parents by phone once a decision has been made to close or shorten the school day. Please be sure the schools have current contact information.

In the unlikely event of a district-wide early release due to inclement weather, parents are encouraged to pick up their student(s) from school. Elementary bus riders and walkers will not be released before the regular dismissal time to ensure their supervision and safety.

Some do's and don'ts you might find helpful:


  • Check the District website at and check the Humboldt Unified School District Facebook page for the most current updates.
  • Listen to the local radio stations for school closing or a shortened day schedule announcement.
  • Dress your children appropriately for the weather.
  • Instruct your children to be especially careful when walking or driving because of the increased danger of slippery roads.


  • Bring your children to school early on the shortened day schedule.
  • Allow your children to drive vehicles that are improperly equipped when the roads are slippery.

The Humboldt Schools are concerned about the safety of all and the unnecessary loss of school time. Decisions to close or not to close school are made very early in the morning before daylight.

Be assured that any decision to close school or delay school is carefully considered and made only after evaluating all available up-to-date information and reports. Your cooperation with these plans will be greatly appreciated.

Please be aware that the District boundaries include varying terrain and elevations that will affect the decision to delay or cancel school.

In advance, thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call your school principal or the District Office.

For emergency information please check the District website at, check the Courier and SignalsAZ websites or listen to one of the radio stations listed below.

Contact Information:
Name: Brett Dahl
Tel: 928.759.4000