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Educational Resources

The Incredible Credible Resource page includes Homework Help, research resources and more.

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Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with a goal of creating an accessible place for people to be educated. The organization produces short lectures in the form of YouTube videos that support MATH instruction.

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Zearn Math is based on Eureka Math and is designed to partner with teachers to create a personalized learning experience for every student. At CSES Zearn is used to support Instruction.

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MobyMax finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning in all K-8 subjects, including math, reading, language, writing, and science.

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Homework Help and more. Excellent resources for both students and parents guiding you through the internet for the best educational and homework links. Scroll down to Homework Help and choose by subject area: Science, English, Social Studies, Mathematics

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EBSCO Host is also available on this website in a more user friendly format. All AZ newspapers, magazines (includes children, Consumer Reports, Newsweek, and more), Teacher and student resources. Create your own account to save your research information.  It will always be there for you even when you move to another school.

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A database with an encyclopedia dictionary, almanac in a appealing and fun format.

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  The infoplease database site answers any question you might have plus a dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, atlas and more.

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Use this instead of Google to help you find credible web resources just for students.

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Coyote Springs, Liberty, Humboldt, and Granville subscribe. See your school librarian for login information.

Arcademic Skill Builders Link
Yavapai Link

Help with math facts, Language Arts, typing, fractions, time, geography and more learning in a fun game format using Arcademic Skill Builders website. 


Catalog to all libraries in Yavapai County including media resources such as DVDs, CD music, audio books, and more using your PUBLIC library card and having books and other items delivered to your local public library.  If a student at the High School with a student YLN library account items can be delivered at BMHS.

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  PBS website offers resources for teachers, parents, and students.  Homework help.


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 Determine the right book for you.  Find digital archives and more.


Homework help in any subject

Cool Math

Having trouble in math? Look no further, and you will find math is cool!

Bibme Link

Citation maker

Citation Machine Linke

Citation maker


Determine what career is right for you.

Storybird Link

Get your child excited about writing using the website Storybird. Do it together with friends and family.

ABCYa Link

Grades K-5 helpful educational games in all subject areas. Recommended by a district teacher.

Wonderopolis Link

Learning is happening everywhere, all the time! We have bottled a little bit of that learning in each Wonder of the Day®. Experience a daily dose of time with your child to make the most of each and every moment together — learn something new, try out an idea, create a masterpiece, imagine possibilities. It’s easy. It’s fun. But the learning is big!

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WatchKnowLearn video resources offers the best of YouTube connected to curriculum topics and other educational video resources from the Travel Channel, PBS, and more. Connection to Common Core Standards for all grade levels using the Common Core Standards Classroom.

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History comes alive with a wide array of video streaming and other presentations for grades 4-12.

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This site has many links to resources to enhance and support the curriculum.Grades K-12

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Media resources for the classroom aligned with the common core standards. Professional development videos for all grade and content areas.

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Lesson plans for all grades and subject areas, and help with using technology in the classroom.

Powerpoints for all subject areas for grades K-12.

21 Things for the 21st Century Educator

Visual and technology links for the busy teacher in the classroom. Includes Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock's effective teaching and learning strategies.