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Why Choose HUSD


In Arizona, parents choose their neighborhood public school over 88% of the time.  HUSD is privileged to provide education to over 5800 students.   Here are some of the reasons why people choose the Humboldt Schools:

Bright Futures PreSchool

Bright Futures Preschool serves both typically developing three and four-year-olds and students with special needs.  Parents of typically developing children choose Bright Futures because we have state-certified teachers, we use a curriculum aligned with the AZ Early Childhood Standards, and the parents believe that their children will be more ready for Kindergarten after their Bright Futures experience.
Parents of students with disabilities choose Bright Futures for all of the above reasons plus the fact that we have excellent therapists who help their children and because we provide round-trip transportation to our students with disabilities.

Coyote Springs Elementary School

Families choose Coyote Springs Elementary School because we provide a comprehensive, world-class education for all students by moving beyond the basics and embracing the 5 C's Super Skills for the 21st Century: Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, and Community Connections. CSES is proud of our commitment to learning through academic excellence, our caring and supportive staff, our emphasis on educating the whole child, and our focus on encouraging students to always succeed.

Granville Elementary School

Parents choose Granville because of our reputation as a school where the needs of every child are met.  Granville Elementary School is a Capturing Kids' Hearts School where every classroom is transformed into High-Achieving Centers of Learning.  Granville is inviting because we have a friendly staff dedicated to student achievement, organization and student safety.  At Granville, we believe there is nothing more important than building a positive school culture that is built around meaningful and appropriate relationships within our classrooms, schools, and community. 

Humboldt Elementary School

Families choose Humboldt Elementary because we are a community dedicated to teaching, nurturing, and supporting our students and families in a safe, respectful and responsible environment in order to ensure success in learning and life. We provide our students a quality education that addresses their social, emotional, and academic growth. We provide a small-school feel, excellent teachers and staff, and warm hometown values. 

Lake Valley Elementary School

Families choose Lake Valley Elementary for our dedicated, compassionate, family-like staff that puts all students' needs first. We are a campus that believes in collaboration, insistent learning and support of all students and staff members in all ways every day.  Our parents are passionately involved in our PTA, with increasing engagement of our Spanish-speaking families that are seeking new ways to participate in our community.   Overall, we have hard-working families that are doing their best to support their students.

Liberty Traditional School

Families choose Liberty Traditional School because of our focus on academic and character excellence. We intentionally challenge our students in a supportive learning environment that expects high levels of engagement. We encourage parental involvement, respect for our Veterans, and care for our community. Our "A" ranking is a testament to the dedication of our entire Eagle family.

Mountain View Elementary School

Parents choose Mountain View because of our STEAM program, our excellent special education program, as well as our reputation for being a quality neighborhood school.  Mountain View is an established school, with superb teachers, that has consistently shown that students are growing and performing amongst their peers in all academic areas.

Bradshaw Mountain Middle School

Bradshaw Mountain Middle School implements 21st Century learning experiences that foster communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity via the cultivation of individual strengths and talents in a safe, supportive and innovative environment. Bradshaw Mountain Middle School is all about family.  Our families choose BMMS for its emphasis on teaming, providing smaller learning communities within the school. This "schools within a school format" allows for the faculty and staff to meet the students' emotional, social, and academic needs and connect with the family as well.

Pronghorn Ridge Middle School

Families chose Pronghorn Ridge Middle School because we offer a wide variety of electives and enrichments that are aligned to specific student interest and because we challenge our students to do their best in everything they do and to never stop trying.

Bradshaw Mountain High School

Families choose Bradshaw Mountain High school because it is committed to providing an exemplary education that inspires excellence and success while preparing ALL students to become educated and responsible. Bradshaw Mountain High School has outstanding academic and athletic programs. The bottom line is we are big enough to have many programs, clubs, AP offerings, sports and activities but small enough for individual attention (ECAP).