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BMHS-East Campus Usage

BMHS East Campus Usage FAQs 11_2013.docx

Humboldt Unified School District occasionally receives questions regarding the Bradshaw Mountain High School East facility and its current educational purpose.
  •  The BMHSE complex was built in 2002, per a required annual District capital plan submitted to the State’s School Facilities Board (SFB). The SFB is an educational funding body established under the Students First legislation (ARS § 15-2031).  The law was enacted in 1998 for the purpose of maintaining the State’s “minimum facility adequacy levels.”  Prior to the construction of BMHSE, Humboldt Unified School District had been experiencing substantial growth in its student enrollment, and the SFB formula dictated the need for a second high school. 
·       The original BMHSE plan provided funding for a core facility that would ultimately house ~600 students.  It included one kitchen, one gymnasium, a cafeteria, administration offices, and classrooms for academics and fine arts.  Had enrollment continued on its projected growth trajectory, 62,000 additional sq. ft. would have been added to include a second gymnasium, a library, and additional classrooms.  The 2002 District Strategic Growth plan called for the facility to house the BMHSE overflow of ninth graders for two years, with an additional grade to be added each year for the next four consecutive years.  Ninth graders were in the BMHSE facility during the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 school years.
·        In 2006, the area began to experience a sharp population decline due to the recession. This had a direct impact on the District’s high school student enrollment. With now available space at the original high school campus and new academic and financial considerations on the table, the Governing Board decided on the cost-effective strategy of moving ninth graders back to the BMHS home campus beginning in the 2007-2008 school year.
In the absence of the need for a new high school campus, the administration, with Board approval, repurposed BMHSE to house the District’s Educational Learning Center, District Office Administration, and instructional and administrative support staff.
·       BMHSE buildings and classrooms accommodate close to 250 students enrolled in the BMHS Credit Recovery Program, and the District Alternative Learning Center. 
·       A separate wing of the complex has been modified to house Bright Futures Pre-school, which serves approximately 100 students.  
·       The Main Administration Building and other office areas provide working space for the following District Office Departments and support staff:  Superintendent, Human Resources, Finance, Educational Services, Public Relations, Family Resource Center, Special Education, IT, Maintenance, Transportation, & Volunteer Coordinator.
·       Since 2007, the  BMHSE campus has been a source of supplemental district revenue derived from the leasing of its facilities to area organizations, including churches, sports programs and community organizations.
·       Various intergovernmental agreements allow HUSD to share the BMHSE facility with entities such as the Town of Prescott Valley and the Prescott Valley Police Department.
School buildings and grounds play an important role in supporting our students and community.  The economic realities of the past five years have made it essential that the Board and administration carefully plan for and ensure the optimal use of district facilities.  We are committed to maintaining a responsible focus on sustained gains in academic achievement and on creating safe, nurturing, and sustainable learning environments for all of our students.