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If you have a passion for education,
there may be a place for you at the Humboldt Unified School District Providing a Comprehensive, World-Class Education for All Students

Why work for HUSD?

HUSD pays more Prop 301 dollars to teachers than most other districts in Arizona. In addition to compensation, we offer an exceptional array of benefits for qualifying employees. HUSD allocates hundreds of thousand dollars each year to its employees by means of employee benefits and professional development. Our greatest source of pride is without a doubt our students´ success and our teachers´ commitment to excellence. Behind HUSD´s success is not only one story, but many stories shaping the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Employee Benefit Package
The District provides permanent employees* hired under contract or work agreement and who work a minimum contract as listed below with health, life insurance, optional sick bank, and Arizona State Retirement.
Classified employees – minimum 30 hours per week are benefit eligible
Certified employees – minimum 30 hours per week are benefit eligible


HUSD health plans are offered by KAIROS HEALTH AZ, INC., with 5 plans to choose from. HUSD pays 100% of the health insurance premium for 4 of the 5 plans for each eligible employee (with no dependents added). Effective July 1, 2021, we will be with UnitedHealthcare, with UMR as the claims administrator.
Health Insurance
Prescription drug coverage is through MaxorPlus.


With Teladoc, you can use your telephone or computer to conduct a live virtual visit with a board-certified medical professional any day, anytime, anywhere. Charges may apply.


One plan is available through Delta Dental of Arizona - Payroll deductions apply.
Delta Dental of AZ


One plan is available through VSP-Vision care for life, as a payroll deduction.
Vision Plan


Offered through MetLife, HUSD provides eligible employees with basic life insurance coverage in the amount of $50,000 in the event of death at no cost to the employee. There is a reduced life benefit at age 65 and age 70. Optional life insurance for spouses is offered and is available through payroll deductions.
Life Insurance


For more than 50 years, the ASRS has provided retirement security to Arizona’s public servants, including teachers, municipal workers, and other government employees. The ASRS proudly serves more than a half-million members, including more than 100,000 retired members. Employees who retire through the ASRS are guaranteed a monthly benefit for life.
Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)
Provided through TSA Consulting Group and are available through payroll deductions.
403(b) and 457 Plans


ComPsych offers 24-hour access to confidential counseling services that can help with a variety of everyday issues and challenges.
ComPsych Guidance Resources


Other benefits offered through KAIROS:
Short Term Disability, Metlife Legal Services, Identity Guard, Pet Insurance, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance.


Effective July 1, 2024 -New certified and classified employees are eligible for the health plan (and other benefits offered through Kairos) on the first day of the month following their official start date with Board approval.

For example, a certified/classified employee hired on August 6th would become eligible for benefits on September 1st. 

An employee who adds dependent coverage and/or upgraded personal coverage to their insurance plan is subject to this cost being deducted through payroll deductions.

An employee who has adequate health insurance coverage from another carrier may elect to decline the District’s plan.

The District also provides permanent employees hired under contract or work agreement and who work a minimum of 20 hours** or more per week individual leave accruals. New 20+ hour employees become eligible to accrue leave after their start date. New certified employees are eligible to use accruals as they accrue, while new classified employees are eligible on the 1st day following successful completion of their 60-day probationary period.

School Year (10 Month) Employee Accruals 12 Month Employee Accruals
10 Paid Holidays*** 12 Paid Holidays***
10 Sick days (1/month) 12 Sick days (1/month)
3 Personal days (certified) No Personal days
2 Personal days (classified)*** 10 Vacation days (.83/month) for classified first 4 years)
No Vacation days (15 Vacation days (1.25/month) after 4 years service)
  (20 Vacation days (1.66/month) after 15 years service)
  27 Vacation Days for certified administrators*****



By joining our professional learning community you will touch the lives of our most valuable resource, our students.

*This level of continuous employment is required for vacation accrual advancement for 12 month classified.
**Employment at this level requires enrollment in the Arizona State Retirement System and the deduction of ASRS contributions.
***Classified employees on probation are only paid for Federal Holidays. Certified non-administrative and Classified term contracts do not include holiday pay.
****For classified employees working more than school year +10 contracts, 3 personal days will be given.
*****For administrators working 10-11 month contracts, the annual number of vacation days will be 17 days.
******Health Coverage continues through June 30th for eligible certified/classified employees who resign/retire.