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Title I Intervention Adoption Spring 2023

Adoption Process In July of 2021, our Title I team began the process of choosing a state-approved intervention program. The goal of the Title I team was to pilot the program this year (2022-2023) and adopt it in June 2023.
To begin this process, the team adapted the Arizona Department of Education’s list of critical components in order to create a checklist of things to consider:
  • In-person component
  • Professional development
  • Technology compatibility
  • Sequential and systematic phonemic awareness and phonics instruction
After narrowing the state-approved programs to 3 programs, the Title I team attended presentations by representatives from each company. Coyote Springs Elementary School, Humboldt Elementary School and Granville Elementary School chose to pilot Lexia, while Lake Valley Elementary, Mountain View Elementary and Liberty Traditional School chose SIPPS.

About the Programs
SIPPS Please click on the web address below to learn more about SIPPS. SIPPS Learning Portal
*A SIPPS kit is also available to preview in the Humboldt Unified School District office (Monday-Friday, 8-4).
Lexia Please click on each of the web addresses below to learn more about Lexia.

Questions or Comments
Please direct questions or comments to: Diane Sallinger, ELA/Intervention Coordinator.