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Facility Standards & Estimated Life Cycle


1. ADA

  • Adequate playground access
  • Rubber or other cushioning as appropriate
  • Automatic door opening into Health Office (middle schools)

2. Fire Security/Intercom

  • Non-proprietary systems
  • Need to consider specifications and advances in technology when replacing equipment

3. Bathroom Partitions

  • Metal - Sand/Paint
  • Plastic – Heavy, more kick-resistant
  • Standard: Solid color reinforced composite

4. Carpet

  • Standard: Shaw carpet tiles
  • Rubber-backed, commercial-grade, tight weave; ease of install, ease of repair, less waste during install.

5. Counter Tops

  • Current: Formica
  • Consider: solid Laminate – longer wearing
  • Standard: Solid laminate

6. Doors/Locksets

  • Current: Pin/Tumbler  - Lost Keys (security concerns and cost factor)
  • Consider Card access to certain exterior doors to reduce the number of master keys.
  • Tied to the alarm system
  • Need to do a cost-benefit analysis for a card access system – lost keys, security measures, etc.
  • Interior: Double-sided lockset
  • A teacher can lockdown from inside the room
  • Standard: Interior double-sided locksets. All schools completed: DO remains to be completed.

7. Bleachers (Middle Schools)

  • All sites have motorized bleachers, upgraded to matching drive assemblies
  • Standard: Manual pull-out system

8. Gym Floors (Middle Schools)

  • Middle School – 6 wood
  • Standard: Wood

9. Light Fixtures

  • The transition from T-12 to electronic T8 Ballasts
  • Skylights
  • Need to isolate skylight switches to control inadvertent activation
  • Need to fix switches before fixing motors
  • Standard: For renovations, install the most efficient, fully-tested system available. Currently T-8, but check industry options

10. Painting

  • Interior: Strive for common color schemes
  • Standard: To help with an inventory of unused paint, avoid having too many schemes for exterior (e.g. 5 different blue schemes) and several different off-white interior schemes.

11. Portable Replacement

  • Current funding insufficient to keep portables adequately maintained.
  • Need to consider future square footage needs versus available capacities in permanent buildings

12. Wall Coverings and Tack Boards

  • Vinyl coverings are difficult to repair and very costly
  • The combination of textured walls and bordered tack boards preferred for maintenance and cost factors
  • Standard: When faced with a major renovation, use textured wallboard and tack boards instead of vinyl wallpaper. In the meantime, repair vinyl, if possible


1. A/C Mechanical Room

  • The enclosed yard is preferred versus an open space for protection against elements
  • Schools use water-cooled systems
  • Replacement units – efficient with current technology
  • Web-based elsewhere
  • Evaluate new web-based EMS land consider as standard for other sites

2. Masonry

  • Colored block versus gray cinderblock
  • Standard: Stain or paint gray cinderblock

3. Parking Lot

  • Important to keep 5-year re-sealing schedule
  • Consider benefits of rubberized versus standard asphalt

4. Play Surface

  • Standard: Acrylic anti-slip surface

5. Roof

  • Most buildings currently have 3-layer top sheet systems
  • Standard: For permanent building, use cold applied, built-up roof system consisting of at least four plies. Consider using a # 5 decorative granite topping or white paint to deflect heat. Study cost-benefit to including roof maintenance into roofing project – capital funding of instead of M&O funding

6. Fence

  • Chain link versus wrought iron
  • Safety issues – determine what additional fencing is required to fully envelop campuses
  • Standard: Continue to use wrought iron in front of schools, near entrances, but use chain link on sides and back sections and on-field sides or bike racks.

7. Wax Head Valves

  • Prefer electronic valves

8. Landscape

  • Desert versus grass
  • Concern regarding long-term maintenance costs, as watering near wrought iron fencing, accelerates rust.
  • Need to determine if there are grassy areas where desert landscaping would be a better option

 Estimated Life Cycle 

Description  Years
A/C Units 15
ADA Access Material 7
Back-Up Batteries - Fire/Security/Intercom 3
Back-Up Batteries - Phone System 5
Bathroom Partitions 15
Boilers 20
Carpet 15
Chillers (Recondition) 10
Chillers (Replace) 20
Cooling Tower Rebuild 10
Cooling Tower Replacement 12
Counter Tops 20
Cubbies 30
Doors 30
Double Door System 10
Electrical Transformer  10
Energy Management System 10
Exit Lights 10
Fire Alarm System  10
Gym Bleachers 15
Gym Floor - Wood  20
Gym / MPR Sound System 10
High Jump / Long Jump 5
Intercom System  15
Kitchen Appliances 15
Light Fixtures 15
Lockers 40
Masonry  20
Mechanical Yard - Various Items 10
Painting - Exterior 7
Painting - Interior  7
Parking Lot Replacement  20
Parking Lot Seal 5
Phone System  10
Play Surfaces  5

Playground Equipment 

Plumbing Fixtures 10
R/O System 15
Rooftop Air Handlers 15
Sand Filters 10
Security Lights 10
Security System  15
Skylight - Interior 15
Skylight - Exterior 5
Tack Board  30
Tennis Court Surface  5
VCT / Cove Base  20
VHF 2 - Way Radio Base System  12
Video System  15
Voice Mail System  7
Wallcovering  12
Water Heaters  7
Water Softener  10
Wax Head Valves 5
Wrought Iron Repair 6
Wrought Iron Replace  10