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Facility Standards


1. ADA

  • Adequate playground access
  • Rubber or other cushioning as appropriate
  • Automatic door opening into Health Office (middle schools)

2. Fire Security/Intercom

  • Non-proprietary systems
  • Need to consider specifications and advances in technology when replacing equipment

3. Bathroom Partitions

  • Metal - Sand/Paint
  • Plastic – Heavy, more kick-resistant
  • Standard: Solid color reinforced composite

4. Carpet

  • Standard: Shaw carpet tiles
  • Rubber-backed, commercial-grade, tight weave; ease of install, ease of repair, less waste during install.

5. Counter Tops

  • Current: Formica
  • Consider: solid Laminate – longer wearing
  • Standard: Solid laminate

6. Doors/Locksets

  • Current: Pin/Tumbler  - Lost Keys (security concerns and cost factor)
  • Consider Card access to certain exterior doors to reduce the number of master keys.
  • Tied to the alarm system
  • Need to do a cost-benefit analysis for a card access system – lost keys, security measures, etc.
  • Interior: Double-sided lockset
  • A teacher can lockdown from inside the room
  • Standard: Interior double-sided locksets. All schools completed: DO remains to be completed.

7. Bleachers (Middle Schools)

  • All sites have motorized bleachers, upgraded to matching drive assemblies
  • Standard: Manual pull-out system

8. Gym Floors (Middle Schools)

  • Middle School – 6 wood
  • Standard: Wood

9. Light Fixtures

  • The transition from T-12 to electronic T8 Ballasts
  • Skylights
  • Need to isolate skylight switches to control inadvertent activation
  • Need to fix switches before fixing motors
  • Standard: For renovations, install the most efficient, fully-tested system available. Currently T-8, but check industry options

10. Painting

  • Interior: Strive for common color schemes
  • Standard: To help with an inventory of unused paint, avoid having too many schemes for exterior (e.g. 5 different blue schemes) and several different off-white interior schemes.

11. Portable Replacement

  • Current funding insufficient to keep portables adequately maintained.
  • Need to consider future square footage needs versus available capacities in permanent buildings

12. Wall Coverings and Tack Boards

  • Vinyl coverings are difficult to repair and very costly
  • The combination of textured walls and bordered tack boards preferred for maintenance and cost factors
  • Standard: When faced with a major renovation, use textured wallboard and tack boards instead of vinyl wallpaper. In the meantime, repair vinyl, if possible



1. A/C Mechanical Room

  • The enclosed yard is preferred versus an open space for protection against elements
  • Schools use water-cooled systems
  • Replacement units – efficient with current technology
  • Web-based elsewhere
  • Evaluate new web-based EMS land consider as standard for other sites

2. Masonry

  • Colored block versus gray cinderblock
  • Standard: Stain or paint gray cinderblock

3. Parking Lot

  • Important to keep 5-year re-sealing schedule
  • Consider benefits of rubberized versus standard asphalt

4. Play Surface

  • Standard: Acrylic anti-slip surface

5. Roof

  • Most buildings currently have 3-layer top sheet systems
  • Standard: For permanent building, use cold applied, built-up roof system consisting of at least four plies. Consider using a # 5 decorative granite topping or white paint to deflect heat. Study cost-benefit to including roof maintenance into roofing project – capital funding of instead of M&O funding

6. Fence

  • Chain link versus wrought iron
  • Safety issues – determine what additional fencing is required to fully envelop campuses
  • Standard: Continue to use wrought iron in front of schools, near entrances, but use chain link on sides and back sections and on-field sides or bike racks.

7. Wax Head Valves

  • Prefer electronic valves

8. Landscape

  • Desert versus grass
  • Concern regarding long-term maintenance costs, as watering near wrought iron fencing, accelerates rust.
  • Need to determine if there are grassy areas where desert landscaping would be a better option