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Nutrition Fact Labels for Entrees & Carbohydrate/Fiber Information

The Child Nutrition Department at Humboldt Unified is dedicated to feeding your children delicious and nourishing meals. We are proud to offer several “from scratch” entrées as well as favorites such as corn dogs and chicken nuggets. Don’t let the names of the recipes fool you though. We use whole grain products, lower sodium sauces and we do not fry any of our food.

Diabetes: Carbohydrate Food List 

7-12 Breakfast Carbohydrate Information

7-12 Lunch Carbohydrate Information

K-6 & LTS Breakfast Carbohydrate Information

K-6 & LTS Lunch Carbohydrate Information

A La Carte Nutrition Facts Label

Carbohydrate Info For Individual Misc. Lunch Items

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