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Educational Services

Welcome to Educational Services!  Our department’s goals are aligned to the Humboldt Unified School District Share Purpose:

·         To educate our students-with rigor, dedication, depth, and the application of innovative technology.

·         To involve our students –along with their parents and community, in a cooperative vision of education as a key to responsible and productive citizenship.

·         To prepare our students – to meet the events of their lives with knowledge, insight, and perseverance.

·         To inspire our students – to believe that, with hard work, they can achieve great things in whatever career they choose, and thus help to make a better world.

The world we live in is ever-evolving and continues to produce opportunities with every passing moment. HUSD believes that education must adapt to meet these dynamic needs for the sake of our learners. Therefore, we believe in the evolution of learning to meet the needs of each individual student in a context with which they want to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

We are committed to providing an excellent education for all students throughout the district and strive to be of service and to be a resource to all stakeholders throughout the HUSD community.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about our curricular offerings, assessment, and professional development.  We can be reached at 759-4000 or email me directly at We look forward to providing all children with a comprehensive, world-class education!

Educational Services/Federal Programs